How to Increase Productivity at Work Place

Staying productive at home is a challenge tom many people. Many people are unable to accomplish their daily tasks by the time the day ends. Productivity should be improved continuously. The following are the proven pointers that have worked for many people.

Delegating Tasks/Seeking Help


Avoid taking on large or involving tasks alone. Instead, you should seek help. Trust and introversion are some of the major barriers to seeking help. You can get help from your colleagues by building trust with them. You can let them know when the task needs to be completed for them to take your project seriously. Again, you should provide them with all the resources needed such as relevant spreadsheets and documents. Ideally, you should avoid being someone’s workhorse by doing tasks alone.

Avoid Unnecessary Meetings

Some people are tempted to meet as many people as possible for networking. Time is an important factor of production. It is an extremely valuable asset. Knowing what meetings are important and the ones to refuse is important. For instance, one-on-one meetings with the managers are very important. Workers should focus more on their core tasks instead of wasting time attending unnecessary meetings.

Creating to-Do Lists

Some tasks are complex while others are simple. You can opt to complete the easy tasks and then tackle the complex ones afterward. Workers should create to-do lists and then track those them using tools such as Google tasks to make sure that they are not forgotten. Large tasks should be broken into small tasks. You should them put a timer in the smaller tasks to make sure that you don’t lose focus on other tasks on your list.

Taking Breaks

You will feel exhausted and less energetic if you happen to work for more than ten hours. Productivity cannot be measured by the amount of time spent on the working desk. It is how much you can complete the job without sacrificing your general health. Participating in physical activities can help you in preventing obesity. It is therefore to exercise your body.

Weeding Out Distractions


Most people have Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Chart and other accounts. You will always find them reading facts on Wikipedia or checking on their smartphones every five minutes. You are advised to discount social media tools when working. Adults working in different companies are affected by these distractions.

Minimize the Time spent When Watching TV

Even if some TV shows are very interesting, you should remember that empires are not built on couches. It is estimated that Americans spend about 34 hours every week watching TV. Lack of activity has negative effects on one’s health.