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Reading Intervention

Reading Intervention

While we know what brain changes can happen for those with dyslexia, it is due to the correct type of intervention or therapy. ALLC only uses reading programs that are proven to be effective for our children.

Our Pre-Intervention Testing is designed to determine the most appropriate program for treatment (occasionally a complete psych-educational evaluation, speech language testing and/or auditory processing evaluation is recommended before a decision regarding which program will be the most successful for your child). Periodic assessments are normed (tests that are normed by collecting large amounts of data and comparing age and grade groups. Standardized tests are normed across fairly large groups) are repeated to measure growth. If a student is not experiencing expected growth we will meet with you to discuss changes that will make a difference. We are constantly reevaluating the students in our care to ensure the time and money you have committed is producing the best results.

Research shows that students will make significant progress when committed to using the correct program, with fidelity (adherence to the program), with adequate intensity (number of times per week or number of hours per day), and with a professional who has had training in Orton-Gillingham programs.

Our staff are well trained and disciplined professionals. All of our therapy programs have proven results! Our staff is highly specialized in multisensory learning. They are compassionate and encouraging with each student. We treat students a minimum of twice a week. Research is clear that less than twice a week does not provide the intensity necessary to create the brain changes which allow a student to achieve the goals needed to be a successful reader.

Individuals with dyslexia must be taught the way they learn. Some examples of the Orton-Gillingham based programs we use, and have been trained in, include:

  • Wilson Reading System
  • Wilson Just Words
  • Wilson Fundations
  • Barton Reading & Spelling System
  • Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing
  • Visualize and Verbalize
  • Multi-Sensory Reading and Spelling
  • Seeing STARS
  • Sonday System
  • Texas Scottish Rite Hospital’s Dyslexia/Literacy Program

More information from the National Center for Learning Disabilities.

Tutoring vs Academic Intervention

The interventions provided at ALLC are not considered tutoring. Typically tutoring will assist students with a specific subject area, develop study skills or help in completing homework. Academic Intervention uses explicit reading programs that have proven success for students who have a specific disability in the areas of reading or written expression. Academic Interventionists have specialized training in how to teach children who are struggling in school become successful readers.

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