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Audiology Services at the ALLC include diagnostics in hearing disorders and interventions for listening and auditory processing disorders in children and adults.

An audiologist is a hearing health professional with expertise, national certification and state licensure in the diagnosis and management of hearing problems.

Hearing and Listening are the first steps toward literacy. Learning to read requires familiarity with the sounds of the language printed on the page. Hearing the sounds of the language accurately and consistently enhances a child’s ability to first learn language and eventually learn to read.
Middle ear fluid may cause mild to moderate, fluctuating hearing loss resulting in hearing only fragments of what is said and compromising the accurate, consistent input the child needs to learn to read.

We at ALLC are committed to early identification of children at risk for hearing loss. We accomplish this by expanded screening methods, aggressive follow-up and extensive questionnaires designed to obtain input from the child’s parents and teachers regarding the child’s listening behavior, social skills and language development.

Arizona Literacy and Learning Center provides APD evaluations by a licensed and certified audiologist. We also provide treatment for APD once the diagnosis is confirmed.